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MIAMI, Florida, June 2, 2021 – According to Digitized House, 70% of consumers already have at least one smart gadget in their homes and, if the trends are any indication, consumers will continue turning to devices and applications that offer convenience and comfort.             

Cooper&Hunter Remote WiFi app, for example, enables users to easily control their wall mounted mini split air conditioners with iOS or Android devices – anytime, anywhere. Multiple users, such as members of a household or corporate office team, can conveniently connect and share control of several zones or units. 

How does this technology translate to comfort and convenience? With an improved intuitive design, A/C units can be switched on while the user in en route to their destination, so the space will be cooled or heated appropriately upon arrival. Controls include the ability to set a specific temperature for each room, switch modes (COOL, HEAT, AUTO, and FAN), and adjust the fan speed (LOW, MED, HIGH and TURBO).

For those with a more predictable routine, the C&H Remote Schedule feature allows daily or weekly controls to be set in advance, so the unit will automatically turn ON and OFF, as well as adjust to set temperatures and modes, according to customizations. Once the initial set up is complete, users can forget about the air conditioner completely, trusting that the climate will be controlled accordingly.

Sleep Curve allows for very specific customization regarding how the units operate throughout the night. The feature provides an excellent opportunity to save energy, as the human body more easily acclimates to slightly higher temperatures when it’s dormant. 

In the event of a unit malfunction, users can utilize the Check function, which will scan for error codes. Identifying error codes is helpful for pinpointing issues and troubleshooting accordingly. Matching this feature with Cooper&Hunter’s online resources and exceptional Technical Support guidance makes problem-solving fast and simple.

The app is compatible with wall mounted units from the brand’s Sophia, Sophia Hyper, Mia, and Mia NG series in North America and South America. 

About Cooper&Hunter

Cooper&Hunter makes hot places cool and cool places more pleasant, providing COMFORT INNOVATIONS for every home and business. With more than 20 years of experience in HVAC, Cooper&Hunter has earned a reputation as a leading market player, represented in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company combines the latest ergonomic designs with modern engineering trends to supply customers with high-quality air conditioners at an affordable price. Their energy efficient line-up, which includes Single & Multi Zone Mini-Split Air Conditioners, Portable A/Cs, PTACs, and Light Commercial Systems, offers a solution for everyone. C&H supports health, sports, and active lifestyles by sponsoring teams around the world, including the NHL’s Florida Panthers! 

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