ExhibitionFeb • 17 • 2020
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ORLANDO, Florida, February 3-5, 2020 – Cooper&Hunter turned heads at the AHR Expo with theirBest Selling items, like the leading Sophia Series, new energy-efficient models, and innovative upgrades alongside a welcoming team of Sales Representatives. Celebrity robot, Millennia, took a break from TV and film appearances to join the Cooper&Hunter team in welcoming guests to their booth – a collaboration which proved to be an absolute hit! 

Sophia “Hyper Heat” Upgrade

Cooper&Hunter’s Single & Multi Zone Mini Split series has been upgraded with a Hyper Heat option. The Hyper Heat units, which also fit Light Commercial applications, offer energy-efficient cooling as well as heating capabilities in ambient temperatures as low as -22°F. 48K Btu/h can be paired one-to-one with any of 3 Light Commercial indoor unit types, including Cassette, Slim Duct or Floor-Ceiling, while Multi-Zone Systems can accommodate 18k to 48k Btu/h with up to 5 zones and a mix-and-match of 5 indoor model types to choose from.

“High Efficiency” PTAC Improvements

With a high demand in hospitality and medical complexes, PTACs have been an essential part of the C&H product line since their release in early 2019. Following a successful first year, the brand will introduce a new High Efficiency PTAC, with up to 12.8 EER, at AHR Expo 2020. The units are finished with anti-corrosive GoldFin coating and can fit into a standard size wall sleeve. Both wired and wireless remote options are available. 

Introducing the C&H Air Handler Unit

Cooper&Hunter reaches into new categories as the brand presents its new Inverter Air Handler Unit, complete with side-discharge condensing unit, which will be offered in 24k, 36k and 48k BTU/h capacities. The Air Handling System manages high air speeds and volumes effortlessly, and can be installed with nearly any pre-existing ducting run. Due to precise control of refrigerant flow volume, accurate adjustment of the fan motor and continuous change of compressor frequency, the new unit assures efficient heat exchange in outdoors & indoors, resulting in up to 20% energy savings. Additionally, noise pollution is reduced significantly compared to central forced air systems. 

Mia: The Economic Line

Catering to all corners of the ductless mini split market, Cooper&Hunter has unveiled the Mia Series, offering a more affordable alternative to consumers. The same specs as the brand’s most popular Sophia Series are matched with a lowered 19 SEER and a sleek, matte indoor Wall Mount for this high-quality but low-cost line. 

About Cooper&Hunter

Cooper&Hunter makes hot places cool and cool places more pleasant, providing COMFORT INNOVATIONS for every home and business. With more than 20 years of experience in air conditioning and ventilation, Cooper&Hunter has earned a reputation as a leading HVAC market player, represented in more than 30 countries worldwide. The number of products yielded under the Cooper&Hunter brand is measured in the millions as the “C&H” logo itself has become a mark of quality and reliability. The company combines the latest ergonomic designs with modern engineering trends to supply customers with high-quality air conditioners at an affordable price. Their energy efficient line-up, which includes Single & Multi Zone Mini-Split Air Conditioners, Portable A/Cs, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, and Light Commercial Systems, offers a solution for everyone. C&H supports health, sports, and active lifestyles by sponsoring teams around the world, including the NHL’s Florida Panthers! 


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